Welcome to the new SWM Budokan Website. We have updated the site to be more simple to manage while adding new functionality that will help us connect with our students, friends and families. Here are a few of the new things that we updated with the Website:

  • New facebook presence: We will be leveraging facebook more and more to help with messages to our community
  • New Website with easier navigation: We found in the old website there was a lot of content that really didn’t matter to our audience. The new website is paired down to provide more of what is meaningful to you.
  • Email Newsletter: Now our members are automatically registered to receive our email newsletter. It will be sent out monthly to help everyone keep connected with what is going on with the dojo and our community events.
  • You can always ‘unsubscribe’ from the newsletter if you don’t want to receive it in your email
    Clear and easy to read class schedule: Its right on the homepage and easy to read or print out

We hope you enjoy the new website.  Please let us know how you like it or if you have any suggestions for us to improve the site.

Best regards,

The SWM Budokan

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