When you join The Budokan you become a part of a tradition that originated more than 600 years ago in feudal Japan. During the Tokugowa period of Japan (mid 1500’s) the Samurai warrior class maintined the government and social order for the Japanese Emperor. As a warrior class, the members of the Emperors elite armies trained in a number of budo (ways of the warrior). The places that the warriors trained in their arts were called, “Budokan”.

At our Budokan we offer training in traditional martial arts including Chito Ryu Karate (The way of the empty hand), Goshin Aikijujitsu (supple way of joint locking), Kenjutsu and Kendo (The way and sport of the sword), Boxing, and a number of other related programs.

In addition to training in traditional Boxing and martial arts, The Budokan emphasizes the spiritual and mental benefits of training in martial arts practice. Mainly improving physical health and flexibility, co-ordination, self discipline, mental fortitude, and general well being.

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