The sword arts of the Samurai include Kenjutsu, Iaido and Kendo. Our Kenjutsu program, also known as the flowing sword – or combative sword focuses on the combative aspects of sword arts, while Iaido focuses on the art of drawing and cutting with the sword. Lastly, Kendo is the art and sport of the sword – also known as Japanese fencing.

We conduct Kenjutsu seminars throughout the year at the SWM BUDOKAN dojo and offer ongoing Kendo and Iaido programs for children and adults.  We practice Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido and Kendo from the Toka Shin – the original Canadian Kendo style brought to Canada by Master Lawrence Nakamura, founder of the Canadian Kendo Association.

We have demonstrated Kendo, and held seminars for the World Kobudo Federation and a number of other organizations that are interested in the ‘old style’ of sword martial arts.