Our dojo stresses above all, the character building aspect of Karate practice. Karate is excellent for health and vigour. It promotes self-defense benefits as well as personal development.

Our club competes in many tournaments; two in-house tournaments per year, open tournaments and National level tournaments.


Karate-do (pronounced Ka-Ra-Tae-Doe) was the original empty handed fighting art of Okinawa. It became popular only after Gichin Funakoshi introduced it to Japan in the early nineteen hundreds. Karate was offered to school children in Okinawa long before it became popular as a means to develop character and improve their health and confidence.

Karate do training has always, and continues today, to have a very strict code of behaviour and etiquette which must be followed with no exceptions

Precept and Dojo Pledge

  1. Show Respect
  2. Be Courteous
  3. Refrain from Violent Behaviour
  4. Demonstrate Strong Spirit

I will honor the dojo and walk the way of truth and sincerity.  I will only use my training for self defence.

Karate is an excellent recreation for the young and old. At The Budokan, we have students from all ages. Families train together, it is safe and a great deal of fun.